Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Carol

Read this (and the comments too).


  1. Lawprof - I really hope you know that this has been going one for 15 years, at least.

  2. I know that now. Until recently I had almost no idea that the job market for lawyers in this country has been in more or less gradual decline for the past 20 years. So I'm trying to make up for lost time.

  3. When I graduated in 2000 from a school ranked around 70, only half of the graduates had real lawyer jobs. The rest were doing assigned counsel patch work or "non-lawyer jobs" where they put their lawyer skills to work doing... a job they could do perfectly well without a J.D. and $100k of debt.

    This has been coming from a long while.

  4. I pay young lawyers $100 to cover a status date or do a criminal plea, more money if its complicated; and I pay them immediately. No "contracts" and no bullshit; just my word.

    They also learn from the experience.

    I'm also available to share matters that the young lawyers generate on their own.

    That is the way it should be. Never accept a 3 month delay or any kind of contracts and arbitration clauses. If DV screws you out of $100, never deal with him again.

  5. NYU's student expense budget lists room and board at $21,252. I assume this is a 9 month budget, as most students work during the summer.

    That would be a monthly budget of $2,361 a month.

    NYU hires research assistants at $12/hr, 35 hours a week. That's $1,848 a month, pre-tax. Far below their own estimates for what you need to provide yourself with food and shelter.

    Pretty damn shameful. Not as bad as the story on BIDER, but still, pretty low. I made a better hourly rate as an undergrad TA at Bama, and my department went out of its way to assign us extra office hours so we could earn more money.

    NYU, like most law schools, counts money in tens and hundreds of millions. Greedy as hell.

  6. Also, the work research assistants do is stuff that professors would defend to the death the value of.

    Yet, how many would be willing to hire a student as a freelance researcher and pay them out of pocket a reasonable rate? Either hire them outright, or hire them through the school, and then create a bogus freelance gig on top of it.

  7. Excellent analysis BL1Y, especially in pointing out NYU's using of two methods to calculate the cost of food and shelter depending on whether they are paying or receiving the money. I lived in D'Agostino, in the cheapest apartment they had, and it was still $1,400 per month to live with two other roommates and there were mice in the building.

    NYU is pretty shameless when it comes to money with their gigantic class sizes and enormous LLM program.

  8. Shit yo, another NYUser here? It's a Festivus miracle!

    I stayed in one of the cheapest rooms in Mercer, close to the same price. After taxes (and yeah, even at that low pay, you still have payroll taxes), you couldn't pay your rent and feed yourself in the same month.

    I moved to Inwood (just off 200th street), and couldn't afford air conditioning that summer. I spent my mornings and early afternoons at home, then went to school and sat in the 65 degree library until night, then sweated it out at home until about 2am when it'd finally cooled down enough to sleep.

    NYU prides itself on its generosity, with LRAP and public service coming out the ass, but they basically fund their philanthropy with the sweat and debt of their students, people who can't afford to be so generous.

  9. 200th street? You're lucky you didn't get attacked!

  10. Yeah, and not the white part (West of Broadway), but the the Dominican area.

    People left me alone though. No point in robbing me. White people don't live there if they have any money.


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